Maintenance Guide

Maintenance Guide

After the wooden flooring is installed at home, it will be stepped on and off every day, but it is very easy to be ignored for maintenance. Usually, we think simple wiping is enough. In fact, if you pay a little more attention to some small details, you can increase the life of the floor with half the effort. Here are five key points for protecting the floor to make your floor more durable.

1.All kinds of floors need regular dust removal

Usually use a broom or vacuum cleaner to remove dust, and be diligent in vacuuming where you often trample; Pay special attention to the lobby and the walkway leading to the outside. In addition, in order to prevent dust from entering the house, dust mats can be placed at the entrance, or dust strips can be installed at the bottom of the door.

2.Dry is better than wet

When using a mop to clean the floor, it is better to wring the mop dry and then use it. If the mop is too wet, the water will penetrate into the joints and damage the floor, which is easy to cause the floor to tilt up and deform, especially wood floor.

3.Carefully select appropriate maintenance products

Choose the water-based wax suitable for the floor, and use only one wax at a time. If different waxes are mixed, they will react with each other, making the floor sticky and dirty.

4.The amount of wax should be appropriate

If the coating is too thick, the dust will be easier to stick to the floor and harder to polish the floor.

5.Be careful when moving

If you want to move furniture, it is recommended to use lifting method to avoid dragging, so as not to scratch the floor; To further protect your floor, the bottom of furniture can be covered with rubber padding.
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